Digital marketing services in trivandrum


As the pulse of Internet marketing is ruling the present traditional advertising. We drive traffic to your site and offer the brand experience through communication with clients. We inform audiences with their present status, online presence, online leads, and analytics. Moreover, we give services on social media marketing, search engine marketing, PPC, Google Ad words and so on. Digital marketing is completely based on lead generation and brand awareness. Get the best digital marketing services in trivandrum from merabt technologies pvt ltd.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We analyse the websites of our clients. Our analysts perform a step by step optimization process as per Google Guidelines to achieve the best output. Our Methods are always “White Hat Technique” so that our client has a long term ranking. Our team always figures out what our clients need after the first round of discussion with them. This makes us stand out from most of the most professional SEO companies in Kerala. Our expert SEO team focuses on content which would always be Fresh & Unique. Our company selects the right keywords, which are mostly identified as Value Keywords. We focus on these keywords to increases traffic and it also increases CTR for that website. We always interact with the best Social Media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn & Pinterest etc. which will help build your brand reputation & trust about your products / services. We ensure that our client’s website is mobile friendly. Mobile friendly websites are more Search Engine friendly these days and about 40% YouTube visitors comes from mobile. Studies also say 67% FaceBook “Like” clicks comes from Mobile. 75% of all uploaded & shared Photos are from Smart Phones. So, mobile friendly websites are very important to all SEO companies in India.

Social Media Marketing

Merabt can make your connection with customers more casual and intense through Social Media platforms, thus creating a more loyal and engaging social media marketing for your business. It is time to take advantage of the social media marketing to engage with your customers. By using Merabt social media marketing services you will be able to keep communicating with your customers in social media on a regular basis. This is essential to develop social media brand awareness and increased reputation in social media platforms. An intelligent exploitation of the social media marketing resources can generate impressive progress in your business. We analyse the Social Media marketing of our clients. Our marketing analysts perform a step by step social media marketing process as per marketing guidelines to achieve the best output for your business. Our social media marketing campaigns effectively bridge the gap between online users and brands, resulting in meaningful engagement and interaction. We analyze every element,assessing the quantity and quality of user engagement, as well as the bottom line impact of each interaction on your business. With over 25% of mobile searches being conducted within social media platforms today, it is vital that your social content be optimized for search terms that will place your brand in front of an active audience at just the right moment. We proactively plan social content to anticipate search queries, user trends, and searcher intent.